How to display context information of a father or child Job - 7.3

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About this task

Talend Administration Center enables you to display the context parameters used in the father Job or any of the child Jobs linked to it.

To display the context parameters of a Job, complete the following:


  1. On the toolbar of the Recovery checkpoints list, click and select the Show lines with context information check box from the contextual menu.
  2. From the Recovery checkpoints list, click the Job started recovery event corresponding to the father Job or any of the child Jobs linked to it.
    This will display the execution detail of the selected Job including the context variables used in it.


As shown in the capture in How to display the detail of a specific recovery event, when the Job starts, it loads the existing context variables, three in this example: myValue1, myValue2 and myValue3. So if you select the Job started event type in the checkpoint list, the variables display in the Context information area in the information panel.

Later, if you use the tContextLoad component to load a group of new context variables, test1 and test2 that will replace the first two context variables in the Job, and then select the Job started event in the list, the Context information field will show the new loaded context variables as follows: