Managing sandbox projects - 7.3

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Users of Talend Studio have the possibility to create a working project by themselves directly from the studio. These working or sandbox projects are mainly used for testing purpose, but an Administrator can easily share them with other users and they can be migrated to a production environment.

Sandbox projects display on the project list of the Projects page with a specific naming to easily identify them: Sandbox_<username>_project.

As other projects, a sandbox project can be duplicated, edited or deleted. For more information on these actions, see the sections below.

The type of a sandbox project is determined by the licence used. For more information about licenses, see Managing licenses.

When a user creates his/her sandbox project, he/she also creates his/her account as a designer user on the Users page of Talend Administration Center. For more information on the Users page, see Managing Users. Thus, a user is consumed from Talend Administration Center's license. If you activated the SMTP option on the Configuration page of Talend Administration Center, the user will receive an email notifying him/her of the creation of his/her account. For more information on notifications, see Setting up an SMTP protocol.

Moreover, the user will automatically be authorized to access his/her sandbox project on the Projects authorizations page. From this page, you will be able to remove the authorization, share the project with other users or give read only and read & write rights to users. For more information on Projects authorizations, see Managing project authorizations.