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Setting up an SMTP protocol

About this task

On Talend Administration Center, you can get notified when an event occurs. To realize this feature, you should first set up the parameters of the email system which will send notifications to you.


  1. On the Menu tree view, click Configuration.
  2. Click the SMTP group to display the parameters.
    The following parameters are editable according to your use:



    Use SMTP

    Select true to activate SMTP or false to deactivate it.


    Type in the IP address of your mail server.


    Type in the port of your mail server.

    Require SSL

    Select true if your email server uses an SSL authentication.


    Type in the email address that will be displayed as the sender information in the notification received by the recipients. Whether this field is optional depends on your local configuration of SMTP authentication.

    An anonymous user may be used to send notifications. By default, the first admin email address will be used.


    If your email server requires an authentication, type in the password corresponding to the mailbox that will send the notification. If your message server is anonymous, this field is optional.

    From Address (optional)

    Type in the SMTP From email address, for example. By default, if the field is empty, it is the value of the SMTP User Name that will be used.

    Once the SMTP parameters are set up, you can configure the notifications that will be sent, from the Notification page. For more information on the notifications, see Managing notifications.
    Information noteNote: If one of the SMTP parameters is down, a warning will display at the top of the Notification page to inform the user that the notification might not work due to an SMTP server connection error.

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