Retrieving the data from the database - 7.3

Data Preparation

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  1. In the design workspace, select tMysqlInput and click the Component tab to define its basic settings.
  2. In the Property Type list, select Built-in to set the database connection details manually.
  3. In the DB Version list, select the version of MySQL you are using, MySQL 5 in this example.
  4. In the Host, Port, Database, Username and Password fields, enter the MySQL connection details and the user authentication data for the database, between double quotes.
  5. In the Table Name field, type the name of the table to be read, between double quotes.
  6. In the Query field, enter your database query between double quotes. In this example, the query is select * from employees to retrieve all of the information from the table employees, in the test database.
  7. Click Guess schema to automatically retrieve the schema from the database table or enter the schema manually by clicking the [...] button next to Edit schema.