Configuring REST request parameters - 7.3


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  1. Double-click the tRESTRequest component to open its Basic settings view.
  2. Fill the REST Endpoint field with the URI location where the REST service will be accessible for requests, "http://localhost:8045/users" in this example.
  3. Click the output flow name, which is request in this example, in the Output Flow column of the REST API Mapping table to show the [...] button, and click the button to open the Schema dialog box. Then define the schema for the request flow as follows:
    • id, type Integer, 2 characters long, set as the key column

    • first_name, type String

    • last_name, type String

    When done, click OK to validate the schema setting and close the dialog box.
  4. Click the HTTP Verb column and select POST from the list.
  5. In the URI Pattern column, enter the acceptable URI pattern of POST requests, "/post/{id}/{first_name}/{last_name}" in this example.
    Leave the rest parameters as they are.
  6. Click the Advanced settings tab, and select the Log messages check box.