Synchronizing workflow users manually - 7.3

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Talend MDM Web UI allows authorized users to access a dedicated Bonita BPM web portal for managing the workflow experience.

To manage workflow tasks in the Bonita BPM web portal, the information about MDM users must be synchronized to the BPM server.

You can enable automatic workflow user synchronization after the startup of the MDM server or synchronize workflow users manually from Talend MDM Web UI.

For more information about how configuring MDM Server to enable automatic workflow user synchronization, see Talend Data Fabric Installation Guide.

Before you begin

  • The MDM server has already been started.

  • The BPM server has already been started.

  • You are an MDM user with the Super Admin user type.

    For more information about MDM user types and system roles, see Talend Administration Center User Guide.

About this task

To synchronize workflow users manually, do the following:


  1. On the Menu panel, click Administration > Manage Users to open the User Manager page.
  2. Click Synchronize Workflow Users on the menu bar. Two options are available:
    • Full Synchronization: All user information will be synchronized.
    • Incremental Synchronization: Only updated user information will be synchronized.
    Pay attention to the following:
    • If the login of an MDM user is updated in Talend Administration Center, a new user that corresponds to the new login will be created in the Bonita BPM web portal and the old user that corresponds to the old login remains unchanged.
    • If an MDM user is removed in Talend Administration Center, its corresponding user will not be removed in the Bonita BPM web portal at the same time. If needed, you can deactivate or remove it manually.
    • The logins are case sensitive in Talend Administration Center, while they are not in the Bonita BPM web portal. For example, and are different logins in Talend Administration Center. When they are synchronized to the BPM server, they will be considered as the same user, thus leading to unexpected results.
    • Because MDM system roles are not synchronized, they must not be used in a workflow.
    • If a user is synchronized in Bonita but does not have a custom role, the user will not be displayed in the "MDM" group. You can add a custom role to the user and do the synchronization again to make the user displayed in the "MDM" group as expected.

      After accessing Bonita, you can check the synchronized MDM users under the "MDM" group by selecting Organization > Groups.

  3. Select the option according to your needs.
    A dialog box opens, asking you to confirm the synchronization.
  4. Click Yes to proceed with the synchronization.
  5. If the synchronization succeeds, a dialog box pops up, indicating that the synchronization is done.
    Click OK to close the dialog box.