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  1. Create two variables, header and body in the Default context group. Give the value world to the body variable. The header variable will receive its value propagated from the Route. For more information about context setup, see Talend Studio User Guide.
  2. Double-click the tRouteInput component to open its Basic settings view in the Component tab.
  3. Click [...] next to Edit Schema. In the schema dialog box, click [+] to add two lines of String type and name them header and body respectively. Click OK to close the dialog box.
  4. In the Simple Expression field for the header element, enter context.header to use the variable header in the context group which will be propagated from the Route.
    In the same field for the body element, enter context.body to use the variable body in the context group as the message body.
  5. The tLogRow component will monitor the message exchanges and does not need any configuration.
  6. Press Ctrl+S to save your Job.