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New methods have been introduced related to the batch creation, update, and deletion of workspace permissions:
Method Path Description Query parameters Example
DELETE /permissions/batch Removes all permissions of the specified user(s) on the specified workspace(s). workspaceIds -
POST /permissions/batch Creates sets of workspace permissions for a single or multiple users. -
    "workspaceId": "57f64991e4b0b689a64feed2",
    "userId": "b9e10a3f-9d68-44bb-862f-b2aa56dc7191",
    "permissions": [
PUT /permissions/batch Updates sets of workspace permissions for a single or multiple users. -
    "workspaceId": "57f64991e4b0b689a64feed2",
    "userId": "b9e10a3f-9d68-44bb-862f-b2aa56dc7191",
    "permissions": [
Feature Description
Rerunning a plan from a specific step The POST /executions/plans endpoint has been updated to make it possible to rerun a plan starting from a specific step.

You can provide the additional information in the body of the request, for example:

  "executable": "b91cf8b2-5dd1-4b18-915b-4c447cee5267",
  "executionPlanId": "0798b8d1-0e12-472f-be02-a0f04e792daa",
  "stepId": "09043c9f-02d0-41f6-b3cb-0ea53ffde377",
  "rerunOnlyFailedTasks": true
Support of the AWS and Azure installation methods for the Remote Engine Gen2 The AWS Cloudformation as well as the pre-configured Azure form used to install the Remote Engine Gen2 are no longer supported.

Bug fixes

Some fixes are linked to internal issues, therefore not visible for users outside Talend.

Issue Description
TMC-24903 / TMC-24877 Artifacts with the same names in different workspaces show unexpected results.
TMC-24778 / TMC-24263 The plan is marked as failed but the lock does not seem to be released.
TMC-24590 A field is missing in the model of the Management Console API v2.2's GET /executions/{id} endpoint.

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