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Release Notes
Last publication date
  • Targets concerned: Snowflake, Kinesis, Kafka, Service Bus.
  • Source concerned: all NT sources.

New features

  • Added long column name management for MySQL/MariaDB.
  • Added new BLOB management for MariaDB (BLOB replaced by NULL or empty).
  • Added null management for Kafka, Service Bus, Kinesis targets.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed (Journal Previous Receiver) check userpace in rebuild receiver list on resynchronization.
  • Fixed (sender) read table DD_IDX for long column name management.

Other notes

  • For MariaDB and SQL Server source: at logreader startup, a new registry key called "LobManagement" will be created in DD_For_MySQL\{instance} or DD_For_SQLServer\{instance} with default value 0.

    This key allows to manage the behavior of a blob:

    • LobManagement = 0 No effect.
    • LobManagement = 1 BLOB will be considered as a NULL column.
    • LobManagement = 2 BLOB will be considered as an empty column.

    Exception: to Kinesis and Snowflake targets, LobManagement = 1 or 2 has the same effect; the column will be empty.