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How to edit the version of your Jobs or Routes centrally at once to deploy and publish them with the version of your choice. To release your whole project with the same fixed version, you need to edit some Maven parameters from the Talend Studio.

Before you begin

You have created several Jobs and or Routes in your project.


  1. From the Talend Studio toolbar, click the Project Settings icon to open the corresponding window.
  2. Open the menu Build > Maven > Deployment Versioning.
  3. Change the version of your items according to your needs:
    • to apply the same version to all your Jobs and Routes at once:

      Select the items you want to edit in the repository view.

      In the Project Version text field, edit the version value then click Apply version.

      Ex : The version 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT is changed to 1.0.0 at release time.
      Note: Selecting the Use snapshot check box allows you to automatically add the "-SNAPSHOT" suffix to all your artifacts without having to change the version value.
    • to apply a different version to each Job and Route at once:

      Select the Jobs and Routes you want to edit in the repository view then click Update the version of each item.

      Edit the versions in the New version column of the table.
      Tip: You can also edit the versions of your items individually, as well as the GroupID used to deploy them, from the Deployment tab in the Job or Route settings.
    • to apply the version that is used in the Job or Route:

      Select the Jobs and Routes you want to edit in the repository view then click Use Job versions to use the version of the item as the artifact version that will be deployed.

  4. (Optional) If you want to automatically propagate the version value to all your pom files at a given time, click the Force full resynchronize POMs button in Build > Maven.
    Note: If a project is referenced by multiple reference projects in a main project, you need to resynchronize the POM files for all reference and main projects one by one, from the bottom level of the reference hierarchy to the top, to avoid duplicate projects module definition in the POM for Talend CI Builder. For more information, read this documentation.
  5. Click OK to save your changes and close the window.


When you will republish your project items on your Continuous Integration server, at release time for example, these items will be published with the version you have defined centrally from the Studio project settings.

For more information on how to build Jobs or Routes from the Studio, see sections How to build Jobs and How to build Routes in the Talend Studio User Guide.

Fore more information on how to publish and execute Jobs via Talend Administration Center or an external Continuous Integration server, see Building and Deploying.