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A parallelization-enabled Iterate connection allows the component that receives threads from the connection to read those threads in parallel.

Warning: Note that the globalMap is error-prone in parallel execution. Be cautious when using globalMap.put("key","value") and globalMap.get("key") to create your own global variables and then retrieve their values in your Jobs, especially after an Iterate connection with the parallel execution option enabled.

About this task

You need to proceed as follows to set the parallel iterations:


  1. Simply select the Iterate link of your subJob to display the related Basic settings view of the Components tab.
  2. Select the Enable parallel execution check box and set the number of executions to be carried out in parallel.
    When executing your Job, the number of parallel iterations will be distributed onto the available processors.
  3. Select the Statistics check box of the Run view to show the real time parallel executions on the design workspace.