Accessing ESB execution task list - 8.0

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In the Menu tree view, click Conductor, then ESB Conductor to display the list of tasks that will deploy and start your Services, Routes, data service Jobs and other Generic OSGi features on the Talend Runtime.
When you access this list for the first time, no task shows on the list.
The default ESB Conductor page provides the following information:

Column label


Online Status
The real-time status of the task Feature. It depends on the status of all the bundles the Feature contains.
  • : all bundles are active.
  • : there are both active and inactive bundles in the Feature.
  • : all bundles are not active or the Runtime is down.
  • : the Feature is not selected in the list.
  • : the Feature is just created and has not been deployed, or just undeployed.
Last Action Last action performed on the task, it can be: CREATED, UPDATED, STARTED, STOPPED, DEPLOYED, or UNDEPLOYED.


Name of the task to be deployed and executed.


Name of the Feature to be deployed and executed.


Version of the Feature as defined in the artifacts designed in Talend Studio or as defined in the Features file of your generic OSGi feature build in Java.

Type Type of the artifact to be deployed and started. It can be: Route, Service, Generic.


Name of the context as defined for the Feature.


Name of the server on which the task was last deployed.

Tag Name of a group gathering several tasks.

Feature URL

Maven URL of the feature to be deployed.

Some extra columns are hidden by default but can be added to the table. For more information, see Customizing the display of the ESB execution task list