Accessing the list of virtual servers - 8.0

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Before you begin

All physical servers available are set on the Servers page. See Configuring execution servers for more information.

About this task

To access the list of virtual servers from Talend Administration Center as well as the execution servers that are assigned accordingly:


In the Menu tree view, expand Conductor and then click Virtual Servers
The Virtual servers page is divided into two views:
  • The Servers view on the left which regroups the physical servers you have configured in the Servers page. These execution servers can be both JobServers or Talend Runtime servers.
  • The Virtual servers view on the right which regroups the virtual servers and their assignments.
Note: When you access this list for the first time, the existing physical servers are displayed on the view, but no virtual server is available.
From this page, you can create, edit and delete virtual servers and assign physical servers to them. For more information on the virtual servers, see Adding a virtual server, Editing a virtual server and Deleting a virtual server respectively.