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Talend Administration Center provides you with a Real time statistics page where you can display all job execution statistics.

You can access this page through other different pages in Talend Administration Center, namely Job Conductor, Task execution monitoring and Error recovery management.

The following figure illustrates an example of the Real time statistics page.

Warning: Ensure that the execution of the Job about which you want to view the statistic information has the statistic mode enabled. For more information on this mode, see Adding a normal execution task and How to activate Real Time Statistics.

The Real time statistics page is divided into three parts: at the top of the page, the Task execution monitoring tabular list tracking triggered and executed tasks, and at the bottom, Execution Info and Real time statistics views.

Note: Click the button docked on the top of the Execution info or Real time statistics views to display it on full size.

The Task execution monitoring list is used the same way as the one available from the Monitoring node. For more information, see Accessing the execution monitoring grid and examining collected data.

For more information about Execution Info and Real time statistics views, see Accessing the Execution info view and Accessing the Real time statistics view.