Accessing the Timeline and examining illustrated data - 8.0

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The Timeline page allows you to access the chronology of task executions and provides you with information updated in real time.


  1. In the Menu tree view, expand Monitoring and click Timeline to open the graphical view of the execution history of your tasks.
    The Timeline page offers you the possibility to display only the tasks launched or the tasks scheduled to be launched during a defined time range.
  2. In the Displayed data list, select the time interval corresponding to the task executions you want to monitor, considering that h corresponds to hours, d to days and w to weeks.
    Note that these preferences are stored in your Web browser session.
    • To put the time line at the current time, click Go to current time in the toolbar.
    • To filter the executions according to their status, click the corresponding icons in the toolbar and refresh the page.
    • To filter the executions according to the name of the task, enter the name of the task you want to monitor in the Task(s) field of the toolbar and refresh the page to take the changes into account.
    In the graphic, the red line represents the "present" (the real time). On the left of this red line are displayed the task instances already launched and on the right are displayed the task instances that will be triggered.
    Executions that are very close to each other might be represented by a single icon with a bold frame. Move your pointer over the icon to display their information.
    By moving your pointer on a task row in the graphic, you display the icons corresponding to the different execution status instances of that task along with tooltips providing some information about the task and the related Job.
    If you click an icon on a task row, a pop-up window opens and display detailed information about the selected execution, in which you can visualize the logs, the context values and the advanced information of the task, as well as navigate between the different task executions and download the detailed logs.