Add a task execution plan - 8.0

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  1. From the toolbar on the Execution Plan page, click Add Plan to open the plan creation panel to the right.


  2. In the Label field, enter a name to the task execution plan you want to create and then, if required, provide any useful information regarding the plan in the Description field.
  3. In the Timeout (s) field, type in, if necessary, how long to wait, in seconds, before the plan and its related tasks are killed by the server. The status of the plan is checked once a minute.
  4. In the Rollback field, select, if necessary, the task that will be executed if the plan is killed due to a timeout.


    For example, you can set a task that will warn the administrator (by email) that the plan has been killed, or that will perform the same action as the last task of the plan that could not be executed.
  5. Select the Pause triggers on error check box to pause in order to pause the trigger if an error occurs during the execution of a task.
  6. Click Save to validate the configuration or Cancel to cancel the creation of the task execution plan.
    The newly created plan is listed in the Execution Plan list.