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About this task

According to the profile you need to create, you will have to add resources and/or features to it, before releasing it to your Talend Runtime Container(s). To create a new profile, complete the following:


  1. On the upper half of the Provisioning page, click the Profiles tab.
  2. From the toolbar on the Profiles tab, click Add to show the configuration panel to the right.


  3. Enter the following information as necessary.




    Type in a name for the profile to be created in the Talend Runtime Container.


    Type in a category of the profile. (The category of the profile should be the same as the one of the placeholder to be used with that profile.)

  4. Click Save to validate the creation or Cancel to cancel it.


    Once the profile created, you need to add features and/or resources to it. For more information, see Adding a feature to the profile and Adding a resource to the profile. When the profile is complete, release it directly if you are not using any placeholder in combination with it. For more information, see Releasing a profile. But if you are using a placeholder with your profile, you need to release the placeholder before releasing the profile. For more information about the creation of placeholders, see Creating a placeholder, and for more information about releasing a placeholder, see Releasing a placeholder.