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Note: Talend LogServer is deprecated from Talend 8.0 onwards.
To enable audit logs without Talend LogServer, go to <tomcat_path>WEB-INF\classes\audit.properties and set the following parameters:
  • in configuration.properties,
  • in audit.properties,

If you want to collect and display logs from Data Integration, ESB, or MDM in an external Elastic stack, refer to Configuring Talend logging modules with an external Elastic stack with X-Pack.

From Talend Administration Center, you can access an extended event logging module. This Logging page allows you to collect and classify time-stamped logs related to Data Integration, ESB, or MDM events and make them easy to explore.

Note that you can adapt the dashboard to your needs by adding/removing filters (Filters panel), display specific events by playing with dates (Time Picker panel) and zooming on specific events (Timeline panel), you can also change the log severity at any time in the Logging node of the Configuration page. When you change this level, the data displayed in the Logging page is reloaded accordingly and you can navigate easily between the logged events.

Access to the Logging page depends on your license. For more information, refer to What modules and features are available depending on your license .