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The help command describes in details every action you can perform in the MetaServlet, and provides you with:

  • descriptions for each command,

  • use examples,

  • error codes specific to each command.

To display the exhaustive help for all commands, follow this syntax :

MetaservletCaller.bat --tac-url=http://IP_address:port/WebApplicationName

--help all

To display only a short description of all commands, follow this syntax:

MetaservletCaller.bat --tac-url=http://IP_address:port/WebApplicationName -h

To display the help for a specific command, follow this syntax:

MetaservletCaller.bat --tac-url=http://IP_address:port/WebApplicationName

--help <CommandName>

For a list of all the commands that can be used in metaServlet, see MetaServlet API commands Talend Help Center (