How to add a trigger on a task - 8.0

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  1. In the task list of the Job Conductor, select the task to which you want to add a trigger, here it is load_california_clients_to_mysql.
  2. Click the Triggers button at the bottom of the page. The corresponding panel opens.
  3. Click Add trigger, then select Add simple trigger in the list to add a time-based trigger on the task.
  4. In the Add simple trigger panel that opens on the right, fill in the relevant information:
    1. In the Label field, type in the name of your trigger, here it is trigger_california_job.
    2. Fill in a description in needed.
    3. Select the time at which the triggering takes place and is ended in the Start time and End time fields.
    4. In the Number of repetitions field, type in the number of executions that should occur in addition to the first execution. Type in 3 in order to trigger three executions: one to generate the code of your Job, one to deploy your Job and one to run your Job.
    5. In the Time interval (s) field, type in (in seconds) the time interval between triggerings, here it is 240 (4 minutes).
  5. Save your changes. In the Trigger status column.


You can see that the trigger is added and is ready to be launched at the specified time.