Managing the Provisioning Service - 8.0

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The Provisioning Service is used to centralize and distribute feature descriptions and configuration resources throughout several Talend Runtimes, via system and application profiles. System profiles can be used to configure your system. Application profiles can be used to configure your applications. It helps maintain consistency for your resources and configurations throughout all your Talend Runtime Containers.

To access the Provisioning page, you need to have a license that includes the Provisioning component of the ESB Infrastructure module, and also have the relevant rights defined by the Administrator during your user account creation in Talend Administration Center. For more information about the modules and features ship with each license, refer to What modules and features are available depending on your license.

If your license allows the ESB Infrastructure module but it does not show in the Menu tree view of Talend Administration Center, contact your Administrator.

Using Provisioning in Talend Administration Center, you will be able to:
  • manage profiles to handle features and resources,
  • manage placeholders.