Modifying context parameters for tasks in an execution plan - 8.0

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About this task

The Execution Plan page makes it possible to modify the values of the context parameters for a specific task held in a plan. This will enable you to execute the task with the new values without really changing the task context parameter on the Job Conductor.

To set new context parameters values for a specific task in an execution plan, complete the following:


  1. In the upper half of the Execution Plan page, select the plan that holds the task for which you want to modify the context values.
  2. In the panel holding tasks, select the task for which you want to modify the context value.
  3. In the lower half of the Execution Plan page, click Context parameters to display the corresponding view.


    The context parameters you defined in Talend Studio for the selected task (Job) display in the list along with their original values or with the task value defined in the Job Conductor. For more information on how to define custom value for a task in the Job Conductor, see Modifying context parameters for specific tasks.
  4. Click in the Custom value cell and set the new value for the corresponding context parameter as required.
    Note: When the context parameter is of type String, do not put its value between double quotes, unless if double quotes are needed in to the string value for further use.
  5. Select/clear the relevant custom value button to activate/deactivate the new value when executing the task.
    If the custom value is not activated, the task will be executed with the task value.
  6. If required, select in the Plan parameter column the relevant plan value from the list of plan parameter values.
    Note: The Plan parameter column lists values common to the whole execution plan with all assigned tasks, and not to one task in particular as it is the case with the Custom value column.
  7. Click Run to execute the plan with the new task and plan values of the context parameters, or click Reset on the toolbar to go back to the original values defined in Talend Studio.