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About this task

You can modify the value of the context parameters of the task's Feature whether it is a Route, a Service or a generic OSGi Feature, or modify the value of the configuration parameters for your generic OSGi Features using a configuration file directly from Talend Administration Center and execute the task with those new values without the need to republish the Feature in Talend Runtime.

To set new values for context parameters:


  1. In the upper half of the ESB Conductor page, select the task for which you want to modify the context values.
  2. Go to the Config properties view in the lower half of the ESB Conductor page to display the corresponding view.


    Context parameters are automatically extracted from bundles and listed in the Config properties view.
  3. Select the context parameter you want to change and type in the new value in its corresponding Value field.
    When you edit the value of a context parameter, your change is activated automatically.
    You can also select or clear the Active check box on your own to enable or disable the use of the Value. The Original value of the parameter is read-only and will be used when the Active check box is cleared.
    If you select the Secure check box, the character you type in the Value field will be shown as *. The Original value will be shown as * as well. When you clear the Secure check box, the Value field will be cleared while the Original value will be shown in clear text.
    When you edit a field, a small red triangle appears at the top left hand corner of the field to indicate that the field has been modified but not saved.
    From the Config properties view, you can also:
    • add one parameter by clicking the Add button and typing in the name and value you want to set in the Name and Value field respectively
    • delete one parameter by selecting it in the list and clicking the Delete button
    • reset ALL the values at once to the default ones by clicking the Reset button
  4. Click the Save button to apply your changes.


  5. In the list of tasks, click Deploy to deploy the task with the newly set values of the context parameters.