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The global roles determine the global responsibilities that you have on all catalog assets.

Predefined global roles

There are several predefined global roles:

Global role name Type Description
Global Administrator Producer You have all capabilities associated with the global roles.

This role is created by default on a new or migrated installation for the Administrators group to migrate properly.

Security Administrator Producer You manage users, user groups, external authentication and global and object role assignments on catalog assets.
Application Administrator Producer You manage the repository structure and its content.
API User Producer You have access to the REST API features.
Application Designer Consumer You can customize your own UI layout, create your personal worksheets and dashboards and share them with other users.
Worksheet Author Consumer You can create, edit and share your personal worksheets.
Collection Custodian Consumer You can create, edit and share your personal collections.
Note: The list of global roles above is provided by default for new installations only. If you have upgraded from an earlier version you may not see all of these and may see others which were migrated. You may still import the list of global roles above which are in the installation path at <TDC_HOME>/conf/Roles/GlobalRoles.csv.

You can customize these predefined global roles or create new global roles based on them.

Global roles and Producer/Consumer types

A Talend Data Catalog license provides Producer and Consumer user types. By default, all users are Consumer users.

If you are assigned to a role with capabilities associated with a Producer type such as Security Administrator, you are counted as a Producer on the license side.

If you are assigned to a role with capabilities associated with a Consumer type such as Application Designer, you are counted as a Consumer on the license side.