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Secrets vaults are environments provided by third-party vendors which are central repositories for basic usernames and passwords, as well as tokens, SSH keys and certificates. These are referred to as secrets.

You can now store the bridge credentials such as user, password or private key on a cloud secret manager.

Talend Data Catalog supports the following secrets vaults:
  • Amazon AWS Secrets Manager
  • Microsoft Azure Key Vault
  • Google Secret Manager

Work with your experts in the specified secrets vaults to obtain both the connection credentials required in the Managing secrets vaults page and the URL or ID of the secret you will use for the import setup.

Defining the connection credentials in the Manage Secret Vaults page

You must define the connection credentials for the particular vaults you use.

You have been assigned a global role with the Application Administration capability.

  1. Go to MANAGE > Secrets Vaults.
  2. Enter the connection credentials to the specific secrets vault.
  3. Save your changes.

Defining the URL or ID of the secret in the import setup tab

You must add the URL or ID of the secret you will use for the import setup.
  1. Open the Import setup tab of the model.
  2. Specify the appropriate URL or code under Host.
    • Azure:
    • AWS: arn:aws:secretsmanager:us-east-1:229009225270:secret:SQLServer-01-Password-OlTrWP
    • Google: projects/351268939776/secrets/SQLServer-05-Password/versions/4