Installing and configuring Talend Data Catalog using an external database - 8.0

Talend Data Catalog Installation and Upgrade Guide

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The following steps describe how to install and configure Talend Data Catalog using an external database.

Before you begin

  • You have received the email sent by Talend, including information for downloading Talend Data Catalog solution and requesting a license.

  • You have downloaded the TDC-x.y-YYYYMMDD.tbz2 file on your machine.
  • Make sure your database complies with the version recommended in Compatible databases.
  • You have configured the database as described in Configuring Talend Data Catalog database server.


  1. Decompress the TDC-x.y-YYYYMMDD.tbz2 file using the tar -xjvf command, where you want Talend Data Catalog to be installed.
    Depending on your software installation directory, you may need root privileges.
  2. In the software home directory, execute the file.
    You can also execute this setup utility and define the application server configuration parameters from the Linux shell. Use the --help option to list the available parameters.
    This setup utility allows you to setup the configuration parameters through the Metadata Management (MM) Setup dialog box, which displays on execution.
  3. In the Application Server tab, configure the fields as needed and click the Configure button.
    Field Description
    Metadata Harvesting Browse Path Click Add and select which drives and network paths will be available in the UI.

    This controls the access to the file system for metadata harvesting.

    Enable REST API Help Select the check box to enable the access to Talend Data Catalog REST API documentation.

    You can also use the command line -we mmdoc.

    If you are using Linux shell, configure the parameters as follows:
    $ cd /opt/<TDC_HOME>/TalendDataCatalog
    $ sudo ./ --tomcat-port 11480 --tomcat-agent false --tomcat-service true --ssl false
  4. Close the dialog box.