Migrating Talend Data Catalog 7.3 to 8.0 installed with an external database - 8.0

Talend Data Catalog Installation and Upgrade Guide

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You can perform these steps for any other application server configured as a remote harvesting server.

Before you begin

  • You have applied the latest Talend Data Catalog 7.3 cumulative patch.
  • You have downloaded Talend Data Catalog 8.0.
  • You have downloaded the latest Talend Data Catalog 8.0 cumulative patch, if necessary.


  1. Stop Talend Data Catalog application server in the same way it was started, such as stopping the Linux daemon or using the tomcat/bin/shutdown.
  2. Back up your data including your database and data file directories.
  3. Back up your Talend Data Catalog software by renaming the <TDC_HOME> directory as <TDC_HOME>.old.
  4. Create a new <TDC_HOME> installation directory.
  5. Install Talend Data Catalog 8.0 in the new directory for a clean installation of a new version.
    For more information, see Installing Talend Data Catalog.
  6. If necessary, apply the latest Talend Data Catalog 8.0 cumulative patch.
    Make sure you unzip the patch file using the unzip -u command to update files while retaining permissions.
  7. Restore your database.
  8. To restore your data and software customizations and setup performed in Talend Data Catalog version 7.3, copy the appropriate files and directories from <TDC_HOME>.old to <TDC_HOME>.
    For more information, see Data storage location.
  9. Copy any new version of files from <TDC_HOME>\conf\Template into their matching directories in <TDC_HOME>\conf\ to integrate new or updated software features in your configuration.
    For example, ModelBridgeList.xml can contain some new or updated bridges.

    For more information, see After upgrading Talend Data Catalog.

    If you have customized some files such as conf\resources\MM.properties, you must merge these customizations starting from the new version of that file copied from <TDC_HOME>\conf\Template.
  10. Restart the Talend Data Catalog application server after which your first login as Administrator may prompt you for an upgrade of your database.


You are now ready to start Talend Data Catalog.