Generic properties of a Talend Data Preparation audit event - 8.0

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Once the audit capability is enabled in Talend Data Preparation, you can access the log service platform and check the audit events.

The information in an audit event varies depending on the type of the event.

This table lists generic properties of an audit event when a new preparation is created, and a step has been added.

Generic property


application Name of the application that logs audit events.
category Category that the audit event belongs to (security or activity).
customInfo.datasetId Technical id of the dataset on which the preparation is based.
customInfo.datasetName Name of the dataset on which the preparation is based.
customInfo.folderId Technical id of the folder in which the preparation was saved.
customInfo.preparationId Technical id of the new preparation.
customInfo.preparationName Name of the new preparation.
customInfo.userId Username of the user who triggered the event.
customInfo.stepActionsAndParameters Name of the function and parameters that were applied, as well as the name of the column.
message Operation result of the audit event.