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From the User Groups page of Talend Administration Center, you can organize existing users in groups based on their type: Data Integration/ESB, Data Quality, Master Data Management, Data Preparation or Data Stewardship.

Once created, these groups can be assigned to projects of the same type.

User groups allow administrators to manage large amount of users by organizing them efficiently in order to assign them easily to corresponding projects. To add users to a group, follow this procedure.

Before you begin

You have already created several users of the same type from the Users page.


  1. Log in to Talend Administration Center.
  2. In the User groups tab of the Menu, click Add a user group.
  3. In the User Group window that opens, give a name, a type and corresponding roles, if necessary, to your user group.
  4. Click Save.
  5. From the Users panel of the page, select the users that you want to add in your group, then drag and drop them in the corresponding group of the User Groups panel.

    You can select multiple users with the Ctrl + Shift keys.

    Data Preparation-only and Data Stewardship-only users (with no related project) can only be added to Data Preparation and Data Stewardship groups respectively, whereas hybrid users can only be assigned to the group type corresponding to their own user type.

    In this example, the user has the Data Quality type assigned, and is a Data Preparation user as well. As a consequence, it can be added to a Data Quality user group.


Your user group is created and populated with the users you have selected.

To remove a user from an existing user group, right-click the user from the Users panel of the User Groups page and click Remove assignment.