Adding values to a dictionary-based semantic type - 8.0

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You can add values to a dictionary-based semantic type you created on the Talend Dictionary Service either by uploading a file which holds the new values or by entering the values manually.

The first alternative saves you much time if you have many values to add to the dictionary-based semantic type. However, duplicate values are not allowed in this semantic type as they are useless and can slow down the process.


  1. Create a text file to list the values you want to add to the dictionary-based semantic type you already created.
    The file can have one or multiple values per line. Maximum length for a value is 255 characters.

    When you use multiple values on the same line, separate them by commas. In that case, all values are considered as synonyms. You should include in quotes non-alphabetical values, otherwise the file will be rejected.

  2. From the homepage, click Semantic types.
  3. Use the filter field on the top right corner to search for the semantic type you want to modify and click it.
  4. Click the icon to the right of Values and import the file which holds the extra values.
    You are prompted to append the values contained in the file to the existing ones or replace existing values with the file content.

    Duplicate values are not allowed. When importing the file, a deduplication process is performed automatically and a message is displayed with the number of values added to the dictionary and the number of duplicates found.

    If you have only a few values to add, you can use the icon and add them manually on the condition that they are not duplicated.

  5. Click Import Values in the message that opens to confirm the operation.
  6. Click Save and publish to send the updated semantic type to the Talend Dictionary Service server and make it available to be used by the system.
    Clicking Save as draft stores the new type on the server without propagating it to the system. The new type is not usable unless it is published..


All new values are added to the list open in the user interface.