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The following table lists the operators available in basic mode.

Operator Example Details
Type Name
Text is CustomerName is Smith -
is not FirstName is not John -
contains StatusCode contains 0AZ -
does not contain ItemID does not contain X32 -
starts with BankNumber starts with FR -
does not start with ItemID does not start with DE123 -
ends with BankNumber ends with 0089 -
does not end with BankNumber does not end with Y9 -
matches regex PostalCode matches regex ^[0-9]{5}(-[0-9]{4})?$ -
does not match regex SSN does not match regex ^\\d{3}-\\d{2}-\\d{4}$ -
is of type Location is of type Asia Select a semantic type or standard type: boolean, date, decimal or integer.
is empty DriverLicense is empty -
Number is equal to Age is equal to 21 -
is not equal to CustomerID is not equal to 16742 -
is greater than Age is greater than 17 -
is greater than or equal to Age is greater than or equal to 21 -
is less than Age is less than 16 -
is less than or equal to Age is less than or equal to 20 -
Date and time is equal to DateOfReceipt is equal to 2020-05-14 09:55:00 You can select a date or a time, or both.
The supported formats are:
  • yyyy-mm-dd,
  • hh:mm:ss,
  • yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.
is not equal to ValidationDate is not equal to 2020-09-02
is before BirthDate is before 2003-12-16
is before or equal to ExpiryDate is before or equal to 2002-01-01
is after BirthDate is after 1983-12-31
is after or equal to BirthDate is after or equal to 1971-01-01
is in (month) HireDate is in month March


is on (day of the week) PublicationDate is on day of the week Friday


is on (day of the month) PublicationDate is on day of the month 16 -
Boolean is true Validity is true -
is false Validity is false -
is equal to Access is equal to Validity These operators allow you to compare two variables of boolean type.
is not equal to Access is not equal to Validity