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About this task

From the main menu of the Syncope console, open the Realms page and click Users to display the list of users.

When you access Syncope for the first time, no user record is found.


  1. To create a new user, click the [+] button on the lower-right corner of this tab.
  2. The New User dialog box appears.
    In the Username and Password fields, type in the username and password that will be used to authenticate Talend ESB users. You have to type in the password a second time to confirm it.
    Warning: OpenID authentication only supports usernames in lower case. If you want to use OpenID authentication, the username can not contain capital letters.


  3. Keep the default settings of the other options and click Next to go to the Groups page.
    In the Groups page, select a group from the Available box you want to assign the user to and add it to the Selected folder.
    When you access Syncope for the first time, no group is available. You can assign the user to a group later.


  4. Keep the default settings of the other options and click Next and then Finish to validate your settings and create the new user.
  5. Repeat this operation to create as many users as needed.
    Users having an account in Syncope can be authenticated if security is enabled in Talend ESB. Furthermore, users credentials can be used to authenticate them in the Talend Studio when creating Data Services or Routes for example. For more information about authentication in Data Service Jobs or Routes, see the tESBConsumer, tRESTRequest, tRESTClient, cSOAP, and cREST components.

    However, if you want to use the authorization feature in Talend ESB, you should complete the user account by assigning them a group.