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The Event Monitoring (EM) feature within Talend Runtime allow you to collect Log, OSGi, SAM and Service Locator events. It is an alternative to the Event Logging feature and provides a more lightweight technical implementation. If you have not used Event Logging before, it is recommended to use Event Monitoring. If Event Logging is used for log collection, then it is recommended to stay on Event Logging with this release, as the Event Monitoring feature does not provide any migration for SAM Events or Event Logging Events to Event Monitoring for now, but will be supported in a future release.

Event Monitoring can capture SAM Events but will not provide any option to store them in the SAM Database as needed for the Talend Administration Center SAM UI. Only the Talend Administration Center Logging (Kibana) UI can be used to see SAM Events (ESB SAM Dashboard) which are captured by the Event Monitoring feature. It is still possible to use SAM Agent with the SAM Server while using Event Monitoring for all other event types.

It is not recommended to use the Event Logging and Event Monitoring in parallel in the same Talend Runtime.

Apache Karaf Decanter is used as the foundation for the Event Monitoring which is a Talend Runtime only feature and not provided in the same way for our Microservice deployments.