Unregister an endpoint for a specific service from the Service Locator server - 8.0

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Unregister an endpoint for specific Service , which has been registered on the Service Locator server. After unregistering the endpoint, it can not be accessed.

Parameters: fully qualified service name, endpoint URL.

Return: void

The Unregister an endpoint operation is described in LocatorService.wadl as follows:

<resource path="endpoint/{serviceName}/{endpointURL}">
  <method name="DELETE" id="unregisterEndpoint">
      <param name="serviceName" type="xsd:string" style="template"
        required="true" />
      <param name="endpointURL" type="xsd:string" style="template"
        required="true" />

Example of request url with DELETE method: locator/endpoint/{namespaceURI}serviceName/endpointURL. Note that any / in the namespaceURI has to be replaced with %2F, and that { and } that wraps the namespaceURI need to be replaced by %7B and %7D.