Using a custom PDP implementation - 8.0

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In some cases the standard PDP service implementation can be changed to a custom PDP implementation. This section describes how to change the bundled PDP by a custom PDP module in the ESB container.

The OSGi bundles related to the PDP rendering are available in the authorization framework in system/org/talend/esb/authorization:
Bundle name Functions
tesb-xacml-pdp-rt Talend ESB XACML PDP Runtime which is include the PDP implementation
tesb-xacml-pdp-config Talend ESB XACML PDP CONFIG which related to tesb-xacml-pdp-rt and includes the configuration for the PDP implementation
tesb-xacml-pdp-api Talend ESB XACML PDP API includes the interface which should be used for PDP customization
tesb-xacml-pdp-service Talend ESB XACML PDP Service is a REST service which is using to make a calls to PDP