Using the Service Registry with REST Services - 8.0

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The Talend Service Registry REST interface provides access to the Service Registry service in a RESTful manner. This section describes the design for the Registry REST service, which acts as the interface to the Service Registry component. The Service Registry AtomPub REST interface is implemented based on RFC 5023 and RFC 4287 and provides a CRUD (create/read/update/delete) interface over resources in the Service Registry. It is illustrated in the below diagram:

In the above diagram:

  • {baseUri} refers to the service base URI, http://localhost:8040/services/registry/admin by default with Talend Runtime,

  • {type} - is the resource type (wsdl, ws-policy, or ws-policy-attach),

  • {id} - resource unique identifier. A UUID is used here.

All AtomPub collections provided by the registry use paged feeds as described in RFC 5005. The number of returned items in a feed is configured by the atomservice.elementsOnPage property in the org.talend.esb.registry.service.admin.cfg configuration file. By default it is set to 10.

The following resources are available for access: WSDL files, obtainable using registry/lookup/wsdl/{serviceQName} and Policy files which can be obtained via registry/lookup/policy/{serviceQName}.