Managing HCatalog tables on Hortonworks Data Platform - Cloud - 8.0


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This scenario applies only to Talend products with Big Data.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

This scenario describes a six-component Job that includes the common operations for the HCatalog table management on Hortonworks Data Platform. Sub-sections in this scenario covers DB operations including:

  • Creating a table to the database in HDFS;

  • Writing data to the HCatalog managed table;

  • Writing data to the partitioned table using tHCatalogLoad;

  • Reading data from the HCatalog managed table;

  • Outputting the data read from the table in HDFS.


Knowledge of Hive Data Definition Language and HCatalog Data Definition Language is required. For further information about Hive Data Definition Language, see For further information about HCatalog Data Definition Language, see