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Writing data to the existing table


  1. Double-click tFixedFlowInput to open its Basic settings view.
  2. Click Edit schema to define a same schema as the one you defined in tHCatalogOperation.
  3. Fill the Number of rows field with integer 8.
  4. Select Use Inline Table in the Mode area.
  5. Click [+] to add new lines in the inline table.
  6. Double-click tHCatalogOutput to open its Basic settings view.
  7. Click Sync columns to retrieve the schema defined in the preceding component.
  8. Fill the NameNode URI field with the URI to the NameNode. If you are using WebHDFS, the location should be webhdfs://masternode:portnumber; WebHDFS with SSL is not supported yet.
  9. Fill the File name field with the HDFS location of the file you write data to. In this scenario, the file location is "/user/hdp/Customer/Customer.csv".
  10. Select Overwrite from the Action list.
  11. Fill the Templeton hostname field with URL of the Templeton webservice you are using. In this scenario, fill this field with "".
  12. Fill the Templeton port field with the port for Templeton hostname. By default, the value for this field is "50111"
  13. Fill the Database field, the Table field, the Username field with the same value you specified in tHCatalogOperation.
  14. Fill the Partition field with "match_age=27".
  15. Fill the File location field with the HDFS location to which the table will be saved. In this example, use "hdfs://".

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