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Logs and errors (Mediation)

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  1. Click the Code tab at the bottom of the design workspace to have a look at the generated code.
    As shown in this piece of code, Interceptor intercepts all messages on route, the intercepted messages are directed .to the endpoint Receiver_3, and cStop_1 terminates message routing before the messages are routed from the endpoint Sender_1 .to the endpoint Receiver_1 and from the endpoint Sender_2 .to the endpoint Receiver_2.
  2. Click the Run view and click the Run button to launch the execution of your Route. You can also press F6 to execute it.
    RESULT: Files are sent from the endpoints, caught by the cIntercept component, monitored by the cProcessor component and sent to a new endpoint, and then the original sub-routes are terminated before they can continue.