Migrating MongoDB for Talend Dictionary Service - 8.0

Talend Migration and Upgrade Guide

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Installation and Upgrade
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Follow this procedure to upgrade MongoDB 4.4 to MongoDB 5 or 7 and migrate data for Talend Dictionary Service. For more information about the compatible versions, see Compatible databases.

Before you begin

  • You downloaded MongoDB 5 or 7.


  1. Stop your instance of the previous version of Talend Data Preparation, Talend Data Stewardship and Talend Component Server but keep MongoDB running.
  2. Open the command prompt.
  3. Back up your MongoDB Talend Dictionary Service data by running the following command.

    For Linux:

    <mongo_path>/bin ./mongodump -h <source_mongodb_host>:<source_mongo_port> -u <mongo_dqDict_username> -p <mongo_dqDict_password> -d <mongo_dqDict_database> -o <dqDict_backup_location>

    For Windows:

    <mongo_path>/bin>mongodump -h <source_mongodb_host>:<source_mongo_port> -u <mongo_dqDict_username> -p <mongo_dqDict_password> -d <mongo_dqDict_database> -o <dqDict_backup_location>

    For example: mongodump -h localhost:27017 -d dqdict -u dqdict-user -p duser -o dump\

  4. Stop the MongoDB instance.
  5. Uninstall MongoDB 4.4.
  6. Install the new MongoDB version. For more information about the MongoDB installation, see the MongoDB documentation.
  7. Start the new MongoDB version.
  8. Restore the MongoDB backup by running the following commands.

    For Linux:

    <mongo_path>/bin ./mongorestore -h <mongo_host>:<mongo_port> -u <mongo_dqDict_username> -p <mongo_dqDict_password> -d <mongo_dqDict_database> <dqDict_backup_location>

    For Windows:

    <mongo_path>/bin>mongorestore -h <mongo_host>:<mongo_port> -u <mongo_dqDict_username> -p <mongo_dqDict_password> -d <mongo_dqDict_database> <dqDict_backup_location>

    For example: mongorestore -h localhost:27017 -u dqdict-user -p duser -d dqdict dump\

What to do next

You now need to migrate your data for Talend Data Stewardship and Talend Data Preparation.