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This section provides visual representation of the investigated data related to the complexity rating of the schema and schema column count used in the audited project.

The chart represents quantitative and qualitative structures to show in one instance the number of columns used in each schema along with complexity rating, ranging from very low to very high.

Schema column complexity rating is calculated using numeric values for the number of columns used in each schema in the audited project.

Schema column complexity ratings are defined as:

  • 0 - 10: very low,
  • 11 - 30: low,
  • 31 - 60: moderate,
  • 61 - 100: high,
  • 101 - 999999: very high.

The schema column rating chart is accompanied (in the Schema columns-details section in Talend Project Audit report) by schema columns details providing numeric values for each element shown in the chart.

The table below lists the numeric values for column count per schema and schema count per project.



Schema column count

Number of columns per schema

Schema count

Number of schema per project, grouped by number of columns used in schema


The fraction of 100 representing the frequency of each group of schemas (grouped by column count) used in the audited project