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Talend Project Audit transforms project data flows to valuable business information. It introduces an auditing approach for evaluating various aspects of Jobs implemented in your Talend Studio. The aim is to provide solid quantitative and qualitative evaluation for process-oriented decision support.

A project audit is the process of collecting and evaluating information about Job operations designed in the Studio. The evaluation of obtained information determines if the technical processes and data flows you are using in your audited project are operating effectively and efficiently to achieve the project goals or objectives.

Audit results are presented in printable reports generated to provide extensive data regarding different areas in the audited project.

For more information about the areas audited in a project, see Key areas audited in a project.

You can later use the results provided by Talend Project Audit to get a clear picture regarding the status and performance of different elements in the audited project. Using this significant amount of information, you can analyze and monitor the performance of these elements in order to improve efficiency.

For detailed information about the data presented in Talend Project Audit reports, see Talend Project Audit reports.