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Release Notes

You can now search for raw component metrics data to build reports about your Data Integration tasks, running on a Cloud Engine or a Remote Engine v2.12.0 onwards. For further information, see Getting component metrics of task runs for performance monitoring.

Method Endpoint Description Query parameters Body
POST /monitoring/observability/metrics/component Searches for raw component metrics data.  
    "environmentId": "6093f6a36f01d639680d31cd", 
    "startTime": "2021-09-08T06:58:04.604Z", 
    "endTime": "2021-09-08T06:58:06.463Z", 
    "limit": 50, 
    "offset": 0, 
    "sortBy": "component_start_time_seconds", 
    "sortOrder": "asc", 
    "filters": [
            "field": "engine_id", 
            "operator": "in", 
            "value": ["a60bb1c0-7669-407f-9326-138af05da18a"]
            "field": "component_start_time_seconds", 
            "operator": "gte", 
            "value": 1628266578