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You can set up a connection to Talend Management Console in Talend Studio.


  1. Launch Talend Studio.
  2. In the Talend Studio login window, click Manage Connections to open the Connections window.
  3. In the Connections window, click the + button to create a new connection.
  4. From the Repository list, select a Talend Cloud server or select Cloud - Custom if you want to set up a custom connection to Talend Management Console.
  5. Enter the name for the connection in the Name field.
  6. If needed, enter the description for the connection in the Description field.
  7. If you have not installed the 8.0 R2022-01 Talend Studio monthly update or a later one provided by Talend, enter your login name in the User name field.
  8. Enter your personal access token in the Token field.

    The logon credential information is case sensitive.

    You can check your login name or generate a personal access token from your Profile Preferences in Talend Cloud. Note that for security reasons, you can no longer use a token that is older than 60 days to connect to Talend Studio when you have installed the 8.0.1-R2023-12 Studio Monthly or a later one provided by Talend. For more information, see Generating a Personal Access Token.

  9. Specify the directory for your workspace in the Workspace field.

    You cannot use an existing local workspace for a remote connection. If needed, you can create another folder in Talend Studio alongside the default workspace folder.

    Warning: Make sure that the path of your workspace directory contains no space or special characters, which may cause Talend Studio to fail to work because of JVM compatibility issues.
  10. If you select Cloud - Custom from the Repository list, enter the server URL in the Web-app URL field.
  11. Click Check URL to validate the connectivity.

    If Talend Studio fails to connect to the remote server, a dialog box is displayed to allow you to:

    • Retry connecting to the remote server.
    • Modify the connection timeout time to allow more retries. The value 0 means no connection timeout.

    If needed, click Cancel to close the dialog box and check your connection details.

  12. If needed, click Preferences and in the Preferences dialog box that opens, configure the network connections, the timeout settings, or the update settings for Talend Studio.
    For more information about the update settings, see Configuring update repositories.
  13. Click OK.

    You can now select the newly created connection from the On connection drop-down list in the Talend Studio login window to connect to a collaborative project.

    If you connect to a remote project hosted on Talend Management Console, Talend Studio is automatically connected to Talend Cloud, which allows you to publish artifacts designed in Talend Studio to Talend Cloud. Once the connection is established, any update in your artifacts from Talend Studio can be pushed to Talend Cloud right away.

    If you connect to a local project, you need to set up the connection to Talend Cloud manually. For more information, see Connecting Talend Studio to Talend Cloud.