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Export an API defintion as a JSON file compatible with AWS API Gateway from Talend Cloud API Designer.

Before you begin


  1. Open a command line and enter the following command to export your API definition:
    curl --header "Authorization:Bearer {userToken}" -X GET -o {outFile}.json https://apid.{region}.cloud.talend.com/api/v1/api-definitions/{api-id}?format=OpenApi3Aws
  2. Add the correct parameters:
    Parameter Description
    {userToken} Token generated from Talend Cloud.
    {outFile} Path and filename of your API definition. For example: contactsapi.json
    {region} Region for your Talend Cloud account. The value can be:
    • us-west
    • us
    • eu
    • ap
    • at

    For more information, see Talend Cloud regions and URLs.

    {api-id} ID of the API version to fetch. To get it, open your API in Talend Cloud API Designer and go to Settings > MANAGEMENT API or use the GET method on the /api-definitions endpoint to get a list of API definitions with their IDs.
  3. Execute the command.


Your API definition is exported as a JSON file compatible with AWS API Gateway and saved in the selected directory.

For more information about exporting an API definition with an API gateway compatibility mode, see the Talend Cloud API Designer User Guide.