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New headers automatically added by Google Chrome may cause issues if they are not supported by your server.

Google Chrome release 80 introduced some headers added automatically to HTTP requests. These headers may cause issues if they are not handled properly by your server. For more information about these headers, see Fetch Metadata Destination header and Fetch Metadata.

In the screenshot below for example, a GET request was sent and the Sec-Fetch-Dest, Sec-Fetch-Site and Sec-Fetch-Mode headers were added automatically. Since the server does not support them, it leads to an unexpected result. In this case, the request returns a 500 response with an empty body.

Talend Cloud API Tester follows the HTTP specification, but a fix is still being considered. However, you can solve the issue on your end by configuring your server to handle these headers properly. For more information, you can contact Talend Support.

Note: This issue does not affect the Talend Cloud API Tester Maven plugin.