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Expressions are structured strings that are parsed and evaluated by Talend Cloud API Tester.

You can use expressions in the following places:

  • Request URL
  • Headers (name and value)
  • Query parameters (name and value)
  • Form parameters (name and value)
  • Request body (of type text)
  • Assertions values

They allow you to:

  • Reference environment variables by name
  • Reference other request elements by name
  • Manipulate your data

Expressions can only reference a request element, an environment variable or a method. You cannot reference a whole project, service or scenario.

Talend Cloud API Tester does not support numbers higher than 9,007,199,254,740,991. Higher numbers may be automatically modified.

For example, if a request body contains the number 900719925474099324686842, it appears as follows in the Expression Builder:

A notification appears when a number is not supported, you can disable these notifications in API Tester settings > General.