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Talend Cloud API Tester allows you to test the behavior of your APIs.

You can test your API by using Assertions to verify that a certain part of an HTTP response matches your expectations. You can define assertions against the following response characteristics:

  • Status code
  • Headers
  • Body length
  • Duration
  • Status message
  • JSON body (using JSON Path)
  • XML body (using Xpath)
  • Body content

Assertions are validated in real-time, meaning that they are re-evaluated when you run the request and when you update them.

Assertions leverage operators in order to compare values and check the existence or inclusion of certain values.

For example:

  • Status code equals 200
  • Duration (ms) less than 200
  • Body content exists
  • The element located at JSON path $.id in the JSON body equals 12345

Assertions are a solid base to test your API, but you need them to be dynamic. Dynamic assertions allow you to test that the header Content-type of the response is equal to the header Accept of the request for example. You can create dynamic assertions with expressions.