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Talend APIs use standard HTTP status codes to indicate the status of a response. Here are some of the main status codes you could stumble upon whilst using APIs. Don't hesitate to refer to the Swagger documentation available for more information.

Name Code Description
Bad request 400 The request is not valid.
Unauthorized 401 The request could not be completed because valid authentication information is missing.
Forbidden 403 The client does not have permission to access the resource.
Not found 404 The resource could not be found.
Method not allowed 405 The method is not supported by the resource.
Conflict 409 The request could not be completed because of a conflict.
Unsupported media type 415 The media type is not supported by the API.
Internal server error 500 The request could not be completed because of an internal error on the server side.

Here is an example of a detailed error status code:

 "status": 401,
 "message": "Unauthorized"