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Introduction to Talend Cloud APIs

Talend Cloud offers a set of APIs to automate processes, integrate tools, and extend Talend Cloud functionalities.

There are various Talend Cloud APIs that can help with specific automation scenarios:

  • Talend Management Console APIs:
    • Talend Cloud Orchestration API: get artifacts, connections, resources, execute, and terminate tasks.
    • Talend Cloud Compute API: access and manage Remote Engines.
    • Workspace API: manage workspace permissions for users and service accounts.
    • Identity management API: create, update, delete and fetch users, groups and roles.
    • Service account APIs: create a service account and generate service account tokens.
    • IP allowlist API: by creating and altering a client IP allowlist, you restrict the access to Talend Cloud to only trusted IPs.
  • Audit Logging API: monitor activities on Talend Cloud applications, ensure data security and manage regulatory compliance risks by performing advanced security analytics on the Audit Logs. Currently, only activities on Talend Management Console are monitored.
  • Talend Cloud API Designer API: create, delete, fetch, get metadata and modify the sharing configuration of an API definition.
  • Talend Cloud API Tester API: create, delete, fetch, get metadata and modify the sharing configuration of an API test project.
  • Talend Cloud Data Preparation API: create, manage and delete preparations.
  • Talend Cloud Data Stewardship API: access and manage campaigns and tasks.

The documentation for those APIs is different depending on the region of your Talend Cloud account. Check out Talend Cloud regions and URLs to find the links to the APIs documentation you are looking for.

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